Four Innovative Changes in Digital Marketing Strategies

Social media and social sharing’s impact on information distribution made headlines throughout 2017. The medium’s influence spawned increased user sophistication and a demand for high-quality content. But there are other digital marketing innovations that occurred throughout 2017. High emphasis on visual delivery and visually-oriented digital services will see an increase in 2018. Here are a few of 2017’s digital strategy highlights and where these innovations will take marketers in the future.

4 Digital Strategies That Have Nothing to do with Marketing

Very often the term digital strategies refers to digital services within the field of marketing. Whether marketing strategy is leveraged to build an online presence through a network of paid advertising, or if it is used to design a website that increases user engagement, marketing is only one application of digital strategy. Here are four overlooked strategies that deserve more recognition.

Software Applications Provide Enhanced Digital Security and Superior Asset Management

Greater reliance on cloud-computing services and the more widely dispersed digital infrastructure being utilized by today’s businesses has created a number of unique challenges. IT management software and digital applications can often be an invaluable resource, especially for businesses that seek to automate aspects of their workflow or maintenance efforts in order to enjoy superior results or enhanced efficiency. From optimizing performance to establishing and maintaining the higher security standard needed to eliminate the risk of an intrusion or data breach, the right software is often a key asset when it comes to monitoring and managing networks and IT concerns.

Increase Efficiency with IT Monitoring Software

Companies depend on their IT infrastructure to manage information, automate processes and promote innovation. As technology evolves, corporate demands on IT increase, especially amid the growth of the mobile and remote workforce. Moreover, businesses also face the integration of cloud-based infrastructure with legacy systems, complicating the management of their IT assets.At the same time, companies face competitive pressures to downsize their IT staff, often leaving their networks and systems vulnerable. If your business feels the pressure of balancing financial concerns with IT management needs, consider the following ways that IT monitoring software can help. Please visit N-able for additional information.

IT Monitoring Software Gets Smart

Several years ago, some mainstream IT software manufacturers like N-able began a race to build a console that could control the heart of their clients’ IT enterprise. What they discovered was that in the realm of it monitoring software, consoles were already a way of life for everyone. As they were in security software, their addition made it so security people could share updates with upper management.