Increase Efficiency with IT Monitoring Software

Companies depend on their IT infrastructure to manage information, automate processes and promote innovation. As technology evolves, corporate demands on IT increase, especially amid the growth of the mobile and remote workforce. Moreover, businesses also face the integration of cloud-based infrastructure with legacy systems, complicating the management of their IT assets.At the same time, companies face competitive pressures to downsize their IT staff, often leaving their networks and systems vulnerable. If your business feels the pressure of balancing financial concerns with IT management needs, consider the following ways that IT monitoring software can help.

Monitoring Infrastructure

IT monitoring software gives your business a way to control energy costs. Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM), for example, can monitor environmental factors. Intelligent sensors help to monitor and track everything from humidity to shock and give you a visual representation of your entire IT environment from a central console.

Monitoring IaaS / PaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) technologies empower companies to leverage scalable and almost unlimited computing power. Modern IT monitoring software can monitor virtual and traditional IT infrastructure from a single application. As a result of having the right software in place, you can monitor EC2 instances as well as their utilization, health and data throughput.

Monitoring Systems and Servers

When you have IT monitoring software in place, you can easily track the hardware layer of your computer servers and workstations. A minimal IT staff can efficiently track important metrics including hard drive space, fan speed and the internal temperature of the units in your entire facility. You can also easily monitor operating performance using Windows agentless monitoring, SNMP and Linux. Also, monitoring the health of VMware and ESX virtualized layers becomes easy when you have the right software deployed in your organization.

Monitoring Applications

IT monitoring software gives you tools for monitoring application performance, so IT personnel can proactively respond to the first sign of trouble. Besides providing basic hardware and software data, your monitoring software might also provide application view analysis and database performance information. You can also monitor end-user transactions that involve website content and response times as well as email, SSL and FTP performance.

The brief overview describes just a few of the ways that IT monitoring software can improve the efficiency of your IT assets. Although the software provides visual dashboards for real-time monitoring, they also supply you voice, SMS and email alerts that will alert your staff to potential problems. As a result, you can streamline your IT staff and increase the utilization of your assets while reducing your management costs. Please visit SolarWinds N-able for additional information.

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