IT Monitoring Software Gets Smart

Several years ago, some mainstream IT software manufacturers began a race to build a console that could control the heart of their clients’ IT enterprise. What they discovered was that in the realm of IT monitoring software, consoles were already a way of life for everyone. As they were in security software, their addition made it so security people could share updates with upper management.

Here are some other areas where IT monitoring software can help you control your business:

Network Management:

For many enterprise companies, the network can make or break the business depending upon how well it is running. Needless to say, staying on top of the latest trends with console software like Lan Desk Management Suite can be a pretty expensive proposition. Yet the features that they offer bring integration that is not always easily duplicated. A sophisticated packet sniffer and other network analytic tools make having a console for network performance a primary concern for growing companies.

Internet monitoring:

At the same time as enterprise companies express an interest in network monitoring, many smaller companies have already moved the bulk of their applications and functionality to the cloud. They therefore just need to understand how healthy their cloud environment is during the course of the day.
Internet monitoring software helps them to remotely manage their users’ experience and keep their backbone free of performance problems. For more information, check out N-able.

Application monitoring:

Along with the ability to host applications in the cloud has come the responsibility of ensuring that they are not bogging down for users. It is all too easy to build an application and then realize that it doesn’t hit the performance metrics that you were looking for. So if it works as planned, it is a good idea to ensure that the performance stays satisfactory by testing it as often as possible. This type of monitoring can be done through automated scripts that run on a schedule.

Another type of application monitoring that is popular has to do with filtering content to meet company goals. Most companies do not want pornography onsite. Nor do they want to see workers browsing to pages that might end up being a poor use of company time. Therefore, they use application monitoring software that follows whatever policy that your firm has decided to use.

IT monitoring software has become more and more important as IT infrastructure has become distributed. In most companies, security software monitoring is the hottest type of IT monitoring software being purchased- while another trend is to embed a console with a set of features in a third-party hosting provider data center. In that instance, the cost for the console is indirect.

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