What Businesses Are Looking For In A MSP

Small companies want to manage their infrastructure to control costs but quickly feel overwhelmed at the myriad security and technological issues that emerge. Businesses turn to an MSP to use IT monitoring software and other tools to implement systems that meet their operational demands. As a result, companies can focus on developing their core competencies and attracting customers without worrying about whether they have appropriate IT systems in place.

Businesses that enlist the help of an MSP to get a partner that augments their existing labor force by actively working to support company goals. The vital role of the MSP in business success underscores the importance of choosing a provider that will provide the best fit for an organization.

Service Standards

Businesses look for clearly stated service standards. Rather than make general assumptions about the role of an MSP in their organization, managers should actively participate in the crafting of SLAs and other requirements that will serve the needs of their firm and act as benchmarks for MSP accountability. Company owners and managers must understand what to expect from their MSP regardless of whether they perform remote monitoring or provide comprehensive services. For additional resources, visit SolarWinds N-able.

More than a Repairperson

MSPs provide experts in IT subject matter who can guide their firm into the use of secure and efficient practices. Companies look for professional guidance from their provider, not someone who will come to the rescue when equipment fails. Similarly, firms looking for an MSP want a partner that will supply solutions, not just parts.

Businesses understand that remote monitoring and other activities occur off-site, but they will still lose confidence if they never see or hear from their provider. Company owners and managers should look for periodic in-person meetings to review the needs of their firm and to get guidance and feedback from their MSP.

Short Response Times

Companies expect the watchful eyes of their MSP to detect problems before they happen. When outages and failures occur, they want the problem solved quickly. An MSP that does not consistently post rapid response times jeopardizes their client’s business and risks their ability to secure recurring contracts.

Return on Investment

Local to global competitive forces affect more industries and markets now than ever before. Companies turn to MSPs to get better results than they can achieve on their own. MSPs must have the ability to substantiate their competency claims before closing a deal. In the aftermath, the MSP must consistently compensate their clients with more value than the cost of their contract.

Businesses are looking for a partner in their MSP who will guide them into sound business IT practices and provide an infrastructure that will support their operations. MSPs who offer clearly stated service levels and documented results will look forward to a prosperous future.

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